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Two city blocks in beautiful, majestic, best city in the United States downtown Madison, Wisconsin will play host to several events and rail jams during the Downtown Throwdown February 18 through 20.  A team challenge will take Friday night, in which any recognized shop or team rider can compete in a 2-person team challenge.  A rail jam will take place Saturday and consist of 5 heats of 20 riders with 3 to 4 riders advancing from each heat, followed by semi-finals and finals, aka the Downtown Throwdown will consist of lots of skiing! (and snowboarding).  And to wrap the weekend of shredding up, Sunday there will be a JibCamp with top ams helping out with tricks.  This event is part of Madison’s Winter Festival.


This weekend (Jan. 27 through 30) in the heart of Chicago, the Snow Days Chicago Rail Jam at Navy Pier is going down.  As the title suggests, the rail jam is taking place on Chicago’s Navy Pier as part of Snow Days ChicagoRaging Snowboard Ski Park and Mayor Daley’s office is hosting the event- a true community effort.  Aside from the rail jam, Snow Days also features a few out-of-the-box things, like a national snow sculpting competition and dog sled demonstrations.

20 tons of imported snow will make its way to the shores of lake Mendota in Madison, Wis on Thursday, November 11, 2010.  The 2nd Annual Terrace Rail Jam will be held on the University of Wisconsin’s Memorial Union Terrace.  Unfortunately’s 10-day outlook predicts similar weather conditions as last year: 52 degrees and rain showers.  However, according to the UW Hoofers, “This event is going to be HUGE! Don’t miss out on incredible riding, free swag, great music, and a taste of how amazing the 2010-11 winter season is going to be!”



Snow is coming early in Illinois, at the 3rd Annual South Side Snow Rail Jam.  The jam takes place Oct. 23 at Millennium Park in Homewood, Ill.  Five dollars to enter, helmets required.  “We bring the snow; you bring the skills or just come out and enjoy the show,” says the H-F Parks District website.

A day of free food and free freeskiing is a win win.  Devils Head Resort in Portage, Wisc., will host an open rail jam on Saturday, Nov. 28.  Top three finishers will be rewarded with prizes.  Join the Facebook event for more info, updates will be sent out if the weather continues to be uncooperative and there is no snow

Skiers and snowboarders will be shredding the University of Wisconsin- Madison campus Thursday, Nov. 12, 5 p.m. until 8 p.m.  The Wisconsin Hoofers, a student activities club, is hosting a rail jam at The Memorial Union Terrace on the shores of Lake Mendota.  Hoofer’s inspiration?  “A growing crowd of freestyle skiers and snowboarders out there who love showing off their talent.”  Registration is $25 at


The Cricket Campus Rail Jam Tour is currently rooted out west; but in reverse settler fashion, there are intentions to spread east.  Although the tour was scheduled to make stops at Northwestern University and the University of Wisconsin- Madison this October, financial restrictions from sponsors have put these destinations on pause until fall 2010.  According to a post by CRJT on, “[CRJT was] ready to make the trek and crush the Midwest with our new events, unfortunately some of our partners we’re not.”

The goal of this grassroots snow sports movement is to promote the amateur ski and snowboard scene.  The set-up takes place right on campus, transported snow and all.  The tour aims “to provide you with a well-rounded event, utilizing creative rail features, jamz you can dance to, ridiculous post-shred partying, and an overall awesome experience.”  Unfortunately, unless you’re privileged enough to attend school out west, you’re going to have to hold tight for yet another year.  You can learn more about the tours at

Also, check the conversation on newschoolers to hear what some Midwesterners had to say on this topic.

October 17th- Northern Illinois will be getting some pre-season action.  Raging Buffalo Snowboard and Ski Park is hosting the 2nd annual South Side Rail Jam in the parks of Homewood Illinois (just outside of Chicago).  The good folks of Raging Buffalo are trucking in snow and ice chips (super fun to ride on!) and bringing in their boxes and rails.  Not only is it a chance to get back out on some park set-ups, but also the jam is free to enter.  There may be ‘Best Trick’ but this rail jam is mostly a chance to ride and hang with those that love to ride too.  Check out the event on FACEBOOK for more details.10134_1142688123280_1109784512_30414278_3096452_n