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I took a Video Planning & Design class this semester, I created an anti-snowboarding public service announcement for my final project.


Minnesota NICE is still thriving as the crew from Parimaj Media follows up last year’s film and gets TOO NICE. In regard to last year’s film, NICE, David Beck (one of four producers for this year’s film) says on, “The movie stood for everything everyone loves about skiing in Minnesota.”

As was the case last season, everything in this season’s film is Minnesota-based: the skiers, the filmers, the hills and the music (hello Atmosphere, Doomtree and Eyedea!).  This fall TOO NICE is premiering throughout the Midwest with a limited DVD release, the film will be released online for free on Jan. 1, 2011.

Filmer, Skier, and sole returning crew member from last year, Allen Lam says on

“TOO NICE isn’t a sequel, it’s a tribute to the greatest Minnesota ski movie ever made. A tribute to our small, flat hills, icy landings, rutted kickers, poorly cut pipes, lack of snow, out of touch management, and rusty rails. It will feature no one but the nicest Minnesota skiers. It has been filmed only in the parks and streets of Minnesota. It will be set to only our rich and diverse Minnesota music scene. With the help of a new generation of filmers, editors, and skiers, the dream of the Minnesota Movie lives on.”

Producer, Matt Boetcher says on

“To me, TOO NICE is another chapter in the story of Midwest progression. Minnesota, along with other areas of the country, are not lacking in the level of riding, but what sets us apart is how tight the skiers here are. Here, you don’t have to look for ‘approval’ from the ‘good’ kids, we’re all at the hill for the same reason. TOO NICE isn’t going to be a sequel, nor do I believe is it meant to be. It’s just another chance for us to illustrate what sets our state apart from the rest of the ski community, and to again show what it means to be Minnesota Nice.”

For the third year running, the Midwest Ski Film Festival will take place in Milwaukee, Wis., on Saturday, Oct., 16th.

Boston-born Brian Landgran, founder and director of MWSFF, grew up skiing amongst a “very active ‘Newschool’ community,” in New England.  At age 16, Landgran moved to Milwaukee, Wis., where he said he “decided to make the best of the move and become as involved in the Midwest Ski Community as (he) could.”  Since then, Landgran has relocated to SLC and joined Inspired Media Concepts, with Tanner Hall, Eric Iberg and Josh Finbow.

This year’s MWSFF will be held at the Times Cinema.  “The films will be shown at an actual movie theatre. The Times has really comfortable chairs, a projection room (no duct tape this year!), and they also have a bar,” said Landgran.  Films showing this year are: Eye Trip, Like a Lion and Gunnie Season.

According to Landgran, who admits he’s leaned a lot since year, this year’s festival will run on a more organized schedule, “to ensure everyone gets the full experience of MWSFF.”  There will also be an after party hosted by Red Bull for those 18+ where Poor Boyz Production’s Revolver will show.  Afterward, Hathbanger and Daywalker will spin ‘til bar close.

Athletes Tom Wallisch, Matt Walker, Mike Hornbeck, Nick Martini, Wiley Miller, Hathbanger. Kyle Decker & Freedle Coty from Level 1 Productions will be in attendance, as well as Pete Drago director of Jiberish Clothing.

“This past year has been a dream for me, I get to work close with my idols, and give back to the Midwest Ski Community like never before,” said Landgran.

Pre-ordering tickets is recommended for $15, door price is $20.

I asked Brian Landgran how he chose the films showing at this year’s MWSFF, I think he phrases it best…

“This is one of the toughest parts about running the festival. With so many great ski movies to choose from it is quite a difficult decision to narrow it down to 5 movies. This year a lot of people contacted me about showing their movies, and I would love to say yes to everyone but I also have to think about what is going to make kids the most stoked. This year I choose Eye Trip first as I had the opportunity to travel along with the Level 1 crew as they filmed around the Midwest… there are some shots from down the street from the venue (for MWSFF) so it was a no brainer. I chose Like a Lion because its a project that I was able to watch behind the scenes, I think the story is a great one no matter what your opinion is of Tanner, I am sure people will enjoy the film. I have known the 4bi9 crew since the beginning, and it’s a great time watching their movies evolve each year, so Gunnie Season was a no brainer. This year I had the chance to get out to IF3 which helped me choose to show Stept ProductionsNetwork, one of the best “Am” movies I have ever seen. Last but not least I choose to show Poor Boyz’ Revolver because of the sheer level of skiing in it. Some of the best skiing I have ever seen is in that movie.”

The sequel to Parimaj Media’s NiceToo Nice—will also be showing at this year’s festival.  “I feel this gang produces some of the highest quality skiing content from the Upper Midwest. Too Nice features amazing skiing from Minnesota and Wisconsin, and I think everyone will surely be stoked on it,” said Landgran.


YES!  That actually happened amidst the tropical weather that’s going on in Wisconsin.  Dedicated skiers and snowboarders that have been anticipating the start of the 2009-2010 season finally got their fix.  Tyrol plans to have enough snow made by next weekend to open a lift.

Last January a few of Salomon’s team riders, Simon Dumont included, made it to Spirit Mountain in Northern Minnesota and threw down in the park with some locals.  Spirit was one of the 20 worldwide stops made by Jib Academy.

Thursday night head out to downtown LaCrosse, Wisconsin dressed in your best Halloween costume or Gaper outfit.  The University of Wisconsin- LaCrosse Ski and Snowboard Club along with the Pro Skate and Snowboard/Coalition Skate Park are hosting a ski and snowboard video premiere October 29 in downtown LaCrosse.  Doors open at 7p.m. with the ski film “In Deep”, a Matchstick Productions, being premiered at 7:30p.m. and the snowboard film “Neverland”, an Absinthe Film, showing at 8:45p.m.  Cover charge is $5.  In addition to the films, free movies, shirts and stickers will be given away throughout the night.  Prizes will also be given out for best costume, so follow the dress code!  The Pro Skate and Snowboard shop is offering 15% off any purchases made Thursday night.  For more information check out the EVENT on facebook.

In Deep –

Neverland –

miramarThe Midwest Ski Film Festival took place this past Saturday, October 15 and judging by the comments on the facebook event wall  a good time was had by all.  The festival went well into the night, featuring 5 films and performances by Hathbanger and Dawywalker- proskiers responsible for some sick music… seriously check them out!  Midwest crew Jibulant’s film “Lets Dance” also  premiered as the winning amateur production from the contest.  Keep a lookout this time next year for the third annual Midwest Ski Film Festival.


After two years in the making, the film that follows the rise of freeskiing will be premiering free online.  Transitions will be available for download, October 15 at  The film follows the growth of freeskiing, through Simon Dumont’s eyes, from participating in an “extreme” sport to becoming a mainstream athlete. Transitions is presented by Riley Poor and Empire Productions. has some extra info on the film.



Showing in just over a week (Oct. 10) at the Milwaukee Ski Film Festival is the “Minnesota Nice” film.  I had planned to enlighten you all on the details behind this film; however,  Dave Baillargeon explains it perfectly on  What he says embodies everything I’m trying to do through this blog, it’s like he got in my head and worded everything flawlessly…

“We live in a region with 300 foot hills [landfills, holes in the ground] covered primarily in man-made ice. With an average annual snowfall that wouldn’t even be sufficient to fill our base, 3 inches is a “powder day” and much more than that makes our tiny hills too slow to even ride. Our parks are limited by our short runs and shortsighted management. With our lack of mountains, snow, and adequate parks, Minnesota should be a terrible state to be a skier. Our saving grace is our community, closer, more active, and nicer than anywhere else. Nice is a collaborative effort between three veteran local film crews: Fresh Productions, CPM Films and Parimaj Media. Featuring only Minnesota skiers, locations, and music, Nice aims to show the world that it doesn’t matter what you ski or where you ski, it’s what you do with it. Slated for a fall release, Nice will be premiered locally, and for non-Minnesotans, be available online for free. Limited quantities of DVD’s will be available chocked with bonus features.  Hate all you want on the Midwest, we don’t care, we’re Minnesota Nice.”

If you’re interested in shredding the featured Minnesota hills check out: urban Minneapolis/ St. Paul (Twin Cities), Trollhaugen (Dresser), Wild Mountain (Taylor Falls), Hyland (Minneapolis), Afton Alps (Hastings), Elm Creek (Maple Grove), Powder Ridge (Kimball), urban Duluth (Duluth), Spirit Mountain (Duluth)

Seriously though, if this film doesn’t get you hyped about the Midwest.. just get outta here!  (I’m from Wisconsin; I don’t necessarily have the “Minnesota Nice” going for me).


October 10, 2009 (that’s one month from today) is yet another date to reserve in your calendar.  The Midwest Ski Film Festival is coming to the Miramar Theatre in Milwaukee, WI for the second year in a row.  The festival is a premier ski film event that draws in people from across the Midwest, and this year’s event promises to be even bigger than last.

Doors open at 3 p.m. and the festival will feature five ski films: Refresh from Level 1 Productions, So Far So Hood from 4bi9 Media, and Every Day Is a Saturday from Poor Boyz Productions, plus two local amateur movies, MN Nice and a second movie to be decided by a contest currently being held on  Pro skiers, Tom Wallisch, Mike Hornbeck, Matt Walker, Jon Brogan, Mike Clarke and a few others will be making an appearance.  Denver Based Jiberish Clothing and Scion are presenting this year’s festival.  Gather all your fellow flatland friends and make it out to Milwaukee for some preseason happenings.