Showing in just over a week (Oct. 10) at the Milwaukee Ski Film Festival is the “Minnesota Nice” film.  I had planned to enlighten you all on the details behind this film; however,  Dave Baillargeon explains it perfectly on Newschoolers.com.  What he says embodies everything I’m trying to do through this blog, it’s like he got in my head and worded everything flawlessly…

“We live in a region with 300 foot hills [landfills, holes in the ground] covered primarily in man-made ice. With an average annual snowfall that wouldn’t even be sufficient to fill our base, 3 inches is a “powder day” and much more than that makes our tiny hills too slow to even ride. Our parks are limited by our short runs and shortsighted management. With our lack of mountains, snow, and adequate parks, Minnesota should be a terrible state to be a skier. Our saving grace is our community, closer, more active, and nicer than anywhere else. Nice is a collaborative effort between three veteran local film crews: Fresh Productions, CPM Films and Parimaj Media. Featuring only Minnesota skiers, locations, and music, Nice aims to show the world that it doesn’t matter what you ski or where you ski, it’s what you do with it. Slated for a fall release, Nice will be premiered locally, and for non-Minnesotans, be available online for free. Limited quantities of DVD’s will be available chocked with bonus features.  Hate all you want on the Midwest, we don’t care, we’re Minnesota Nice.”

If you’re interested in shredding the featured Minnesota hills check out: urban Minneapolis/ St. Paul (Twin Cities), Trollhaugen (Dresser), Wild Mountain (Taylor Falls), Hyland (Minneapolis), Afton Alps (Hastings), Elm Creek (Maple Grove), Powder Ridge (Kimball), urban Duluth (Duluth), Spirit Mountain (Duluth)

Seriously though, if this film doesn’t get you hyped about the Midwest.. just get outta here!  (I’m from Wisconsin; I don’t necessarily have the “Minnesota Nice” going for me).